Hello, my fellow communicators in the US

Last week, I've returned from my NY Corporate Blogging Trip in New York. And I must say...I already miss it. The pace, the interaction and the coincidental newsflashes were great. I'm really excited about all the knowledge sharing. This week I'm processing the results of my blogging / marketing inevstigation, and ofcourse I'll share my thoughts on this blog and directly via e-mail.

I realize my blog is in Dutch, and I was thinking of adding a WorldLingo plug-in to my blog. Since I have no access to the source code of my blog (brrr, scary thought) I can't add a multilingual version of my entries. So for the time being I'll choose per entry which language to use. Sorry 'bout that. I can also use roman/regular and italic typefaces to show articles in Dutch and English.

It's great to see in my stats that so many of my American blogfriends check my blog! Actually, last week my EosBlog encountered more American visitors than visitors from my home town. And ofcourse I still check Axel Murillo's poetry blog, Connie Connors savvy blog, Rachel Clarke's blog, try to get hold of Greg-and-David (iPhone celebs), JP-and-Wytse (Meatpackers District celebs) and I already share YouTube shows with Bendrix. And this week I will send a really Dutch package to Robert Acevedo, my Big Apple Greeter who let me stroll boldly through the Bronx.

It was great to meet wonderful Next Webbers (Web 2.0? Who SAYS that? That's Só Passé!) who believe that the web is in a neverending beta state. And that's the way we like it!