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Do you long for achieving purposeful goals with extraordinary ideas and great results?


I hear you. You create products, services and other projects from a source of radical empathy. To solve some issue for somebody else. From a source of resilience, because you know and feel that not everything happens automatically or effortless. Perhaps you’d like to make a difference with more joy, and more easily. I recognize your wish and craving.

Hi, I’m Jojanneke (pronounced ‘Yóh-yáh-nah-kah’, it means ‘little Joanne’ in Dutch) van den Bosch.

I believe that creativity, resourcefulness and resilience are the greatest strengths you can develop in your life and work. As a fourteen-year-old, I had to develop these traits in rapid speed, when my parents died and my family members turned out to be unable to take me in or take care of me. There was virtually no safety net. That was a tough lesson. I found out that if I wanted something in my life, it really had to come from me. From within. Long story short: it worked.


For many years, this was a tough challenge, which encouraged me to continue working hard, and even harder. The aim was not to stumble and fall. This was extremely exhausting, and I struggled with burnout by the age of 30. I was exhausted from fighting to survive. But when I recovered, I saw that I had I noticed that I hadn’t stumbled, nor fallen. I successfully completed my studies as a graphic and interactive designer, I had done freelance assignments, set up urban development communication projects , and rapidly worked my way up to a position as an online communications strategist. I loved the job, but ... I was utterly exhausted. I had fought so hard that I did not even see that I did not have to fight anymore. I did not have to survive anymore. Because I hadn’t stranded. I had survived.



This awareness and the feeling of regained freedom gave me the confidence to start my own business in 2006. I started as an online communication consultant, and developed and built corporate blogs, organized the Corporate Blogging Trip to New York City, became Twitterer of the Year 2009 in the Netherlands, gave numerous in-company workshops on social media, and developed training programs and e-learning programs that allowed organizations to achieve online results. Subsequently, oit was time to focus on creating programs that help professionals accelerate creative innovation and delivering great results. Because everything changes, always. And thriving businesses know how to adjust to ever changing circumstances. This is also the beautiful lesson of having discovered the road to resilience:


The universal laws of resilience correspond to a large extent with the core principles of creativity and innovation. The dynamics are almost the same ... only the starting point and the end point deviate. And the feeling is different.


Once I saw this and fully understood and believed, everything changed for me. When you don’t start from from a difficult problem, but from a pressing, challenging puzzle ... this process leads to an even better result than you could have ever imagined. I developed the first online training courses on social media and online communication in Europe (in 2009), won silver in the Most Inspiring Learning Journey Award 2015. With this course, many communication consultants learned the power of online strategy for their customers or employers .

I published my first book 'So, now you are an orphan' in 2013, which was widely covered in national media. It also came out internationally, and led to my TEDx talk. I spoke at congresses, in-company sessions and events such as Social Media Week Rotterdam. Some attendees became customers, some became friends. I developed the innovation program 'The Creative Achiever Method', which quickly brings you new, original ideas and concepts and allows you to quickly achieve results. I wrote three books: Live Your Talks (on how you can design and prepare your TEDx talk), the autobiographical 'So, now you are orphan', which was widely discussed in national media and on television, and the translation 'So, You 're An Orphan Now', whicht ended up with the Irish government and led to local impact for bereaved children in Ireland, especially for grieving young people.

‘Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.’

This would not have been possible if I had not made that resilient step of survival to life. I trust this every day. Because as an entrepreneur (and as a person), no day is the same. Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. Because that is a given, you can also deal with it. It allows me to freely develop my programs and services for customers who want to take fast steps forward. People who want to find their own voice and style and share it with the world. In the form of unique ideas and projects with high-profile results. With over 22 years of experience in online communication, interactive & graphic design, business branding, project management, design thinking processes, developing campaigns, online strategy and social media, I am accelerating innovation.


I help my clients achieve results within 90 days, in 2 weeks, in 4 days, in 3 days. And sometimes even within 1 day. Everything in my life and work, my programs, books and services come from a source of creativity, resourcefulness, joy and resilience. It is my blueprint. I believe that everything you experience in your life can potentially be of great value to your development as a person and as a professional, provided you are willing to ‘do your process'. Do not ever avoid lessons from positive and negative experiences. Integrate these lessons into your life and in the best work you can make. Even if your private life slaps you in the face, and you have to rebuild the whole lot again. You can always choose to lead yourself from within, from your own source of resilience. You always have your unique ideas that can be shared with the world. So you, and the rest of the world, can grow from them.

You can always lead yourself from within. Always. No matter what .

I help you ideate and achieve with my program The Creative Achiever Method, Your Design Sprint Plus, customized consulting, and keynote presentations.




The world is ready to enjoy your unforgettable results.
And I can’t wait until I can celebrate your successes with you.


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